Capacity for chocolate tempering with Wheel mixer

20 июля 2016 - inna


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Capacity  for chocolate tempering with Wheel mixer is used to warm up chocolate before casting it in moulds






The equipment includes two independent devices:

 1. Capacity for chocolate tempering  with Infrared heating elements and a digital controller.

  1. Type of installation: desktop,
  2. Overall dimensions, WxLxH: 340x540x240 mm,
  3. Inner size of Capacity, WxLxH: 305x505x160 mm,
  4. Maximum working volume of chocolate: 20 kg,
  5. Minimum working volume of chocolate: 5 kg,
  6. Power consumption: 200 W,
  7. Supply system: 220 V 50-60Hz 1ph,   
  8. Heating method: Infrared
  9. Material: Stainless Steel
  10. Adjustment of the temperature range: 20-50 C˚
  11. Temperature measurement accuracy of the local area of the bottom: 0.1 C˚
  12. Weight: 10kg


2. Wheel mixer facilitating and enhancing performance of Capacity for chocolate tempering.

  1. Type of installation: Сapacity for chocolate,
  2. Overall dimensions, WxLxH: 280x450x500 mm,
  3. Overall dimensions of the wheel, diameter: 380 mm,
  4. Wheel speed (normal mode): 30 (r/min),
  5. Wheel speed (fast mode): 45 (r/min),
  6. Power consumption: 100 W,
  7. Supply system: 220 V 50-60Hz 1ph,
  8. Material: stainless steel,
  9. Weight: 11 kg


  • Wheel mixer can be easily set on the Capacity, which makes the whole device a full value analogue of European machines of the same class, 
  • Low cost in comparison with analogues,
  • Wheel mixer stirs chocolate and helps to cast it in moulds. That dramatically increases production rate of a Capacity,
  • Infrared heating of the Capacity provides a smooth warm up of chocolate and a low power consumption (200 V) of the device, 
  • Digital controller with PID regulation allows you to set the desired temperature with an accuracy of 0,1°С,
  • A large working area makes it easy to use, and keeps a workspace around clean.


  • Wheel mixer is easy to install. It has independent supply of 220 V,
  • The main advantages of Wheel mixer are: simple design, high maintainability,
  • Depart pour spout makes it easy to cast chocolate moulds,
  • You can adjust the jet pressure - that provides additional comfort when working with different types of moulds,
  • The lower lifter removes chocolate from reverse side of the wheel, thus keeps it clean,
  • The Wheel mixer has an additional visor to protect the output shaft from the chocolate contamination,
  • It has a big fan for cooling the motor and power supply.

Additional options

Carriage on wheels for the Capacity

Besides basic functions of accommodating and transferring the Capacity, Carriage serves as a stud with stands for trays.

That allows you to equip your workspace more ergonomically.

  • 12 skids for standard trays 600x400 mm,
  • Overall dimensions: 670x560x980 mm,
  • Material: stainless steel

                          Useful tips

It is necessary to control process of chocolate tempering: to measure temperature of chocolate mass using pyrometer.

Use Carriage on wheels, this will save you some workspace and will provide you an additional storage for billets and finished products.

When recrystallizing chocolate mass, add into Capacity new chocolate melted up to 45C. This will make chocolate mass more fluid and will replenish the working volume. Adding hot chocolate into Capacity, watch the temperature - it should not exceed 34C.