Chocolate coating machine

14 июля 2016 - inna


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Chocolate coating machine is an equipment for making dragee, coated nuts and fruits (eg, in chocolate or yogurt).






How it works

A chocolate coating machine is a rotating container, inclined at a certain angle.

To start coating, put  nuts into container, turn on the machine and pour chocolate inside in a thin stream. Rotating capacity rolls nuts and evenly envelope them in chocolate. The circular surface of dragees is formed gradually, as layers of chocolate build up. You can regulate speed of coating, using handle.



  • Good performance: 2-3 kg of dragee can be done in 30-40 minutes,
  • Compact size. Ideal for small productions and labs,
  • Low cost


Useful tips

The colder the lab, the faster the process of chocolate coating. In a lab with no AC it is difficult to make dragee.

The chocolate you are using for coating must be tempered. It is important for quick freezing of glazing. Once the chocolate hardens on the nut, it is no longer sticking to the container.

Chocolate must be added in small portions and at intervals, to form an even layer of chocolate.