Chocolate moulds

14 июля 2016 - inna


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We take orders of any complexity: bars with individual design, chocolate bars with logo, bas-reliefs, figurines. We work “all inclusive”: from a project to a finished mould.

Depending on the task, our experts will offer you the optimum production technology.

We have a wide range of equipment that enables us to produce moulds out of different materials:

  • Plastic, 0.3 to 3 mm thickness,
  • Silicone moulds with plastic support for mass production,
  • Silicone moulds for order production


Operating procedure

1.     You form a Specification which describes application area and a production load of your moulds,

2.     You send us a sketch in vectors or raster format (eg. CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator or AutoCad) and your billing details,

3.     We make changes in your Specification if necessary, 

4.     When agreement is reached we`re sending you a bill, and when the full payment is done, we start the production of moulds,

5.     During the production process we test first samples of moulds. Our experts cast chocolate in moulds and check their quality,

6.     After successful testing we produce a batch of moulds and send it to you,

7.     Master model and other accessories are stored at our warehouse or transferred to you (optional),

8.     In case of re-ordering the moulds, we correct the cost of work, taking into account deduction of the preparation stage.




Our advantages

  • We carry out orders of any complexity, work it from a design to a finished mould,
  • We work quickly and qualitatively,
  • We select mould production technology and adapt it to your requirements, thus reducing the costs.


Useful tips

When creating your sketch, we recommend you to keep 0.7 mm  as a minimum thickness of element to obtain a better quality of an end-product.

You can arrange a mass production of chocolate bars using plastic moulds. Chocolate bars made out of PET film (plastic) are highly detailed and have a good surface quality. They are inexpensive to produce, and quality of chocolate bars is as good as of those from polycarbonate.

One of the major advantages of plastic moulds is timing. In special circumstances it is possible to produce a batch of moulds just in 2 days!

Silicone moulds with plastic support are used in mass production of complex design chocolate products. Their disadvantage is a long period of manufacture of such moulds (from 1 month) and their high cost. The lack of surface gloss of the end-product does not allow its long-term storage (it is getting white with time).

Silicone moulds are ideal for the production of single-piece products with lots of details. They are also used to produce complex three-dimensional shapes that can not be manufactured in plastic.


Plastic moulds: from design to the finished model