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Melangeur is a machine that produces chocolate, nut butter and other products that require grinding to a paste substance.

Large melangeur capacity is 50kg load, a small melangeur capacity is from 1 to 5 kg.


How it works

Modern melangeur resembles the classic stone mill with millstones (granite runners). Though unlike the analogues from the past, modern melangeurs have electric drive, they have high-quality stone processing, which is increasing the efficiency of the device.

The bowl is driven by an electric motor, granite runners begin to rotate by friction with granite bowl base. Clamping mechanism provides additional pressure of the runners to the base of a bowl, which also increases productivity of a melangeur. If you remove pressure from runners, the grinding process will slow down, but the conching process will continue with the same intensity. It can be useful if you consider the level of dispersion of your product as sufficient, but the conching process is not completed yet.

Gradually add ingredients into the bowl: they`ll be ground to a paste consistency. For example to produce chocolate, gradually put roasted cocoa nibs into the bowl of a melangeur. As soon as the mass becomes fluid, add sugar. After 36 hours of work you`ll get a smooth mass with a 20 microns dispersion.


Pressing mechanism


Granite stones & buttom


Advantages of melangeur

·         Granite grinds the ingredients. It is more durable than steel, thus ensures the absence of metal in the chocolate.

·         Melangeur combines in self a whole range of equipment. For example, in the classic chocolate producing scheme you will find equipment for pre-crushing and mixing the ingredients, equipment for fine grinding, a conching machine. Melangeur solves all these tasks and saves you space, finance and labor.

·         It can manage a dispersion of 18-20 microns.

 Melangeur 50 kg

 Granite stones

 Swivel module


Useful tips

  •  You should gradually load the cocoa nibs and sugar to avoid wedging in the bowl,
  • If there is cocoa butter in the recipe, you may add it simultaneously with adding cocoa nibs. It`ll easier primary grinding and also will eliminate the wedging of stones in the bowl. It is recommended to add cocoa butter in a liquid form,
  • Sugar should be added as soon as cocoa nibs turn into a fluid mass


Melangeur 5 kg