Package-making machine

20 июля 2016 - inna

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This machine is also able to perforate, make creases, emboss, die-cut on magnetic vinyl.

How it works

When you roll a stamp with a billet between shafts of the machine, you create a pressure on the cardboard, creasing or embossing  the packaging.

 A stamp (form for die-cutting, a die) is placed on the tray knives up.

There are two types of  knives located on the stamp: nibbling knives (carving ones), which cut of cardboard extra pieces; and creasing knives (blunt ones) that fold cardboard to create creasing (folding lines of future packaging).

Then you put a cardboard on the stamp and turn the handle. Tray with a stamp goes through the rolls. Once fully rolled to the other side of the machine, cardboard can be separated from the excess material and folded to a finished packaging.


  • This machine quickly recoups the costs, after ~1000 packages,
  • Low cost of packaging. You pay only for cardboard,
  • Easy to use. Two simple operations to proceed the work - put sheets on the stamp and turn the handle,
  • No special mats for cutting,
  • Low cost and availability of the plastic pipe,
  • Compact size. You can set machine on the table,
  • Reliability. Simplicity of design of this machine provides its reliability and durability

Useful tips

In case there are straight lines on the stamp, put it on a tray at an angle to it. That`ll increase pressure on the stamp.

If there is not enough pressure on the stamp, you can put a sheet of cardboard under the stamp. That will narrow space between shafts and knives of the stamp - then it`ll make a full cut.